Kyle Dunston is determined to convince his friends that Slender Man is much more than just an internet legend. But when his prank to scare his friend backfires, Kyle not only looses his credibility, but can no longer sleep.  Kyle begins seeing, the thin, tall man in the black suit at every turn. With no one left who believes him and no where else to turn, his only way out is to come face to featureless face with the terrifying spirit

Faceless Book

    After eighth grader Jacob Rye gets so fed up with all the demands of social media, he makes the dramatic decision to boycott all the popular social networking sites. But as Jacob goes through all the steps of deleting his online profiles he makes the startling discovery that someone is trying to delete him! The search for his destroyer leads him down a path deep into the inner workings of the internet, where he meets The Creator.

The Avatar Inside

    After the life-like Avatar he created won gold at the seventh grade science fair, Dylan Roup wanted to take some time to enjoy his sweet victory. But a mysterious imposter begins framing him for crimes all around his hometown of Brookfield. On his quest to clear his name Dylan makes the horrifying discovery that the avatar he created might be a little too life like.

  Casey Splash is known around Barker Middle School as the queen of emojis. The popular seventh grader has gotten so good at emoting with emojis, that she made an art form of having entire conversations with just the cute yellow symbols. But when Casey begins seeing emoji’s replacing the faces of her friends and family, she begins to question whether she has lost her mind, until her investigation leads to the startling discovery that the popular symbols aren’t exactly as innocent as they appear.

  Ghost Haunters

​The Legend of Johnny Martin

Three teenage ghost hunters go on a quest in search of the legendary Johnny Martin Cave with dreams of becoming  YouTube sensations.  But none of them could have ever expected to go viral like this!

iShrieks is a new children’s horror series for the 21st century. Each book has a tech-friendly plot with a modern twist



When Elsa Wednesday, a ravenous fan of the video game Minecraft, takes a wrong turn she stumbles upon a mysterious mansion that looks exactly like a building she created in her favorite video game. Is it a coincidence? Or is what is happening in the world of her video game somehow blurring the lines of reality? Elsa doesn’t know, but if she doesn’t figure it out soon it could be Game Over.

  The Charlie Charlie Challenge

After Hannah Smart is pressured by friends to play the Charlie Charlie Challenge, the new spirit-summoning game that is taking the internet by storm, a series of startling events occur that have her afraid of her own smartphone. Is it possible that an innocent game could have attracted a spirit? Or is it all another one of her older sister, Lexie’s, vicious pranks?